I help courageous leaders build brands people crave.

Hi, I’m Adrian. As a journalist turned marketer, I built a career out of leading courageous change for brands like Patrón Tequila, Intuit, Foot Locker and Kate Spade. But after losing my business I realized I had spent years doing the wrong jobs – the wrong way.

So I spent the next 15 years writing, researching and testing how to be the courageous leader modern companies need. It worked…

I went from writing tweets for RadioShack to running a $7 billion brand. From being a nervous new leader to a confident boss of 80+ people.

From giving family my leftover time to putting them first. From hustling to prove my faith to trusting in who I was made to be. Now I know the truth:

Behind every business problem is a people solution.

In 2021, I left the job I loved to pursue the work I want to do next – empowering courageous change in work, family and faith. During this radical journey of rediscovery, I’ll teach you everything I know and give you the proven tools you need to win at work without losing your sanity.

Leaders create the conditions for success. It’s your job to convert uncertainty and fear into clarity and trust.

-Adrian Parker

My Story

I can’t swim, play golf, shuffle cards or tell left from right. She married me anyway.

My Bio

How I became the world’s first CFO (Chief Failure Officer) and why you should be next.

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How can I help you?


I inspire teams to do their best work by being a truer version of themselves.


I share stories about letting go, starting over and speaking up when it’s hard.


I help courageous leaders build contagious brands people crave.


Almost 6,000 people listen to UNFOLLOW, a podcast I co-host with my best friend, Daryl Calfee. We challenge the “good” advice that leads to bad decisions in business, faith & family by sharing our own failures. 

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When I was inducted into the Advertising Hall of Achievement, my co-workers, family & friends helped create this video that sums up what I strive to be every day.

“Adrian is an expert in his field but has an intense curiosity to learn.

He consistently delivers at the highest level and demands the same of his team and colleagues. Adrian does not understand or accept the concept of mediocrity.”

My Leadership Experience Includes:
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