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As Vice President of Marketing for Patrón Tequila, I combine digital expertise with battle-tested management experience to lead a competitive team of advertising, social media, event, online and mixology professionals. As part of Bacardi Limited’s portfolio of iconic products, we’re on an audacious journey to reimagine how luxury consumers connect with the spirits brands they love.

Over the last 20 years I’ve scaled retail & tech brands, learned & led digital strategy, launched a start-up and mentored global marketers that will likely be my bosses one day. I’m passionate about creating contagious experiences that grow profitability while developing the people to sustain it.

For the past decade, none of the roles I’ve held existed before so I’ve learned 2 truths about creating organizational change via digital evolution:

1) Behind every business challenge is a talent solution
2) Transformation can start at the top but it can’t stay there

Before joining Bacardi and Patrón, I held leadership positions at Intuit, Kate Spade, Foot Locker, RadioShack and owned a marketing agency. I’ve had my share of experiences as a CFO (Chief Failure Officer) that robbed me of both my ego and my hair. I’m most proud of the people I’ve learned from & with along the way. Our entrepreneurial approach to driving innovation has been recognized via numerous articles, books, keynotes and awards, including Top Digital Marketers of the Year by Crain’s magazine and Top Social Media Campaign by Forrester Research Groundswell.

I love to learn. The people I meet, the books I read, the problems I find and the places I visit are my constant classroom. I thought I knew a lot when I graduated from Florida A&M University with a Public Relations degree and I learned just how little I knew when I went to Southern Methodist University for Entrepreneur Certification and later Harvard Business School for Executive Education. I’m pretty sure there’s still an idiot lurking inside me.

When I’m not selling tequila or vodka I serve at The Hills Church, coach Financial Peace University classes and volunteer on the Board of Directors for Sports Outreach Institute.  My wife, Alisha, and I live in Texas with 3 kids that wake up way too early.


Loves: Lazy Sundays, blue, Stevie Wonder & sushi

Hates: Cats, WiFi outages, snow & green beans

Learn: Check out “Getting to Know Adrian” for more randomness

–> Connect on Twitter @adriandparker
–> Connect on LinkedIn linkedin.com/in/adriandparker

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Andrew – forgive my belated responses, I’m just getting back on the blog wagon. Let’s synch up on Twitter to get in touch and download contact info. Thx for reaching out!


  2. Hi Adrian,

    After reading your Purpose of Cancer writing, I wonder if you are aware of the The Purpose of Cancer book series, and the endcancermission?

  3. miller canning June 4, 2020 — 1:44 pm

    Well. It’s been a difficult 10 days. As are all of the weeks after a killing. I want you to know that I left Christianity 30 years ago after 25 years that included missionary service. It was in seminary that I knew I had to leave. I returned to my family roots of Judaism. Most of my Christian friends abandoned me. And I moved on to community action work, joined Microsoft, JP Morgan Chase, Rosetta Stone and others. One friend remained. And when she retired, grew more rigid and inflexible as her world became smaller and smaller. Your most recent post showed up in a former colleagues feed. I sent it to my friend. With an MA in Epistemology and Systems thinking it was easier for me to acknowledge how I fit into the structure that oppresses. Look at Israel with the Palestinians struggle. I can’t make ‘aliyah’. So I live in Mexico and do ‘mission’ work here. Feeding families and animals. Sorry, I diverged. Thank you for your blog post. I’m grateful for your voice.

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