Seeds Worth Sharing: Uganda

“Do you feel normal yet?”

I’ve been asked that question on several instances since returning from Uganda last month and it provokes a great question in response: What is normal?

This trip has truly redefined what “normal” means and I hope I don’t qualify for enrollment any more. The video below captures a few of the people, places and moments that captured my heart while abroad. I created it more for myself than anyone else. To remember and remind. To celebrate and challenge.

My original plan was to go to Africa as mosquito bait and to help poor people. I couldn’t find either (only 1 mosquito bite the entire trip!) and instead I discovered rich people who praise God every day. They just happen to live in poverty.

Seeds are being planted all over Uganda. From orphanages and safe houses to farms and start-ups, I look forward to sharing the amazing stories that are being written right now.

Over the next 12 months I’d like to raise $28,000 for one particular story – the girls of Christine’s House. I previously wrote about my time with these brave sisters. They are bold and innocent. Strong yet shy. And they love to sing!

The $28,000 is what it takes to keep the safe house running for 1 year, including support for their babies, food, education and medical. My wife, Alisha, and our 2 kids have been praying for Christine’s House and I can’t wait to take them back to Uganda at some point to see it firsthand.

Join us in that prayer and, if you feel the urge, join us in financially supporting this wonderful work.

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