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The Day I Put A Ring On It

Today’s a good day. Not only did I run the Cowtown 5K without stopping (a notable feat for me), but also this marks the 1-year anniversary of the day I asked Alisha to be my wife. Luckily she said yes and we’ve been married for more than 4 months now. Yep, I’m a love doctor.

In celebration, I thought I’d post our proposal video. WARNING: It’s been known to make grown men cry. Keep the Kleenex handy. If you’re pressed for time just fast fwd to the last 5 minutes for the actual proposal.

The kids did all the real work.

February 26, 2010 was the longest day of my life! I cooked up this grand scheme to propose in style and by the time the day came I was barely able to walk straight. Granted, I knew she would say yes. But I was so afraid of something going wrong or ruining this surprise I had been planning for weeks. To add to the pressure, I was depending on several of her co-workers and friends to help me pull it of so I really had little control of the outcome.

It turned out perfect.

She says she’s a lucky woman but the truth is… I’m a blessed man. She’s not just a better half, she’s a better whole. Imagine a gift you don’t deserve, a bonus you didn’t earn and a lifetime supply of joy all wrapped up in a bundle of awesome. Pretty sappy but also very true.

Love ya hon!



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