Here’s a rundown of previous and upcoming speaking engagements or events.  My presentation style is very interactive and, where possible, I like to engage the use of real-time digital tools to extend the event beyond the four walls of the conference room.  In my current role with Intuit, I also present case studies on mobile marketing, social engagement and a thought leader series on team integration.


Social Fresh WEST, San Diego (Keynote) – September 27
eTail, Palm Springs (Keynote) – February 27
Social Media Explore, Dallas (presentation) – February 17
Social Fresh EAST, Tampa (Keynote) – February 6
Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Las Vegas (Correspondent ) – January 10


Forrester Research Consumer Forum, Chicago  (Award recipient) – October 27
Realtime Report #RLTM, NYC (Panel) – June 6

Previous Presentations

Effective Diversity Marketing in Retail
Southern Methodist University Executive MBA Lecture, Dallas – 2009
Business Success After College
University of North Texas, Denton, TX – 2008
Entrepreneur’s Week: Creating a Personal Brand
Columbia University, NYC – 2008
Pursuing Your Purpose
University of Texas at Arlington, TX – 2008
Center for Non-Profit Development / Plan Fund, Inc., Dallas – 2008

5 responses to “Speaking

  1. Hey Adrian,

    It is hard to find your email! I wanted to invite you as a speaker to Europe’s No.1 Social Media Expert Event http://www.marketing2conference.com – let’s have an email chat if you like! We do pay for all travel and accommodation!

    • Neil Lori thinks Dmitry’s 5 staegs of collapse is akin/similar to a blunt economics professor. This is a must see/must read. The financial collapse has already started. Bush Bernanke and Paulson are like the Dutchman plugging wholes in the damn/dike to keep the water from coming out all at once. I cracked up at my work desk when I read Dmitry’s compare and contrast of all you can eat vs. all you can scrounge. Final point: Printing more moolah/clams won’t help {just look at Germany during the Weimar Republic}Neil Lori Greenhawk Patriots

    • Thanks for your thghsuto. It’s helped me a lot.

    • I’m not easily impressed but you’ve done it with that posting.

  2. Adrian,

    Chandra Lee told me you had interest in SavvyCard. If you go to SavvyCard.net and pre-register, I’ll help you jump que and get a Beta code out same day. Anyone Chandra vouches for is alright by us.


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