Courageous Ideas For Leading Change

I inspire teams to do the best work of their career by being the truest version of themselves.

On-stage or online, I deliver interactive presentations that change the way people think, work and lead. Click below for examples of key presentation topics.

Corporate Diversity

Anti-Racist Leadership: Confronting Racism in Your Company, Community & Yourself

Adrian leads a 60-minute keynote on how to lead organizations toward racial reconciliation.

Addressing Racism in Advertising

In this panel discussion, Adrian tackles the tough issue of discrimination in the ad industry.

Stoking Curiosity: Anti-Racist Leadership in The Advertising Industry

Adrian hosts a global call for ad agency professionals seeking to speak up and confront injustice.

America Awakes: Juneteenth Isn’t Just For Black People

Blog post of Adrian’s keynote from The Unity Builder’s Juneteenth celebration, Everyday Black Excellence.

Innovation & Strategy

Adobe Think Tank at Cannes: Brands Create Memories

Adrian shares the most powerful moments brands must embrace and how technology creates connection.

Elevate: Launching & Leading A Social Media Practice

Keynote presentation on the shifts, challenges and opportunities for true digital leadership.

Shots, Bots & Emoji: How Patron Pairs Tequila & Technology

During a mainstage presentation in NYC at the Innovation Congress, Adrian shares how to rethink your brand as a platform and your experience as a product.

Leadership & Career

Lose Your Mine: Getting Ahead By Letting Go

The Florida Public Relations Association invited Adrian to talk about transformational leadership and creating a career that lasts.

How To Crush It At Work Without Sacrificing What Matters Most With Bacardi’s Global VP

Adrian hosts a session for CMOs on how to build healthy work/life harmony by rethinking the rules of business.

Challenger Brands Masterclass: Taking Care of Your Team and Yourself!

Adrian participates in a CMO panel on leading teams through volatility by valuing wellness.

Faith at Work

Facing Giant Problems: My Faith Story

It’s impossible to be totally fearless but we can fear less when we put our trust in God.

Don’t Go Back To Work: Reflections on Romans

In this bible message, Adrian invites viewers to a better way to make decisions by being true to how you were made.

I Can’t But God Can

A fun, witty message on embracing weakness so God can show just how unique we are.

Enough about me. Let’s talk about your needs and how you can book me for your next event or team meeting.

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