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Almost 6,000 people listen to UNFOLLOW, a podcast co-hosted by my best friend, Daryl Calfee. We challenge the “good” advice that leads to bad decisions in business, faith & family by sharing our own failures. We expose our scars and share stories on tough topics like making (and losing) money, juggling work and family, handling racial injustice, raising future adults and confronting Christianity’s hard questions.

Latest Episode

Why Didn’t God Protect Them?
My feeble attempts to answer the answerable led to another question. Have we ever really cared about other people’s children? This is an audio reading of the blog post, “Why Didn’t God Protect Them?

Top 5 Most Popular Episodes

How Courage Works
How can courage become a weapon for change, a safe house for love, and an accelerant for truth in a world where fear seems to be in surplus?

Things Racist People Say
Your response to racism reveals more about you than you think. If Black Lives Matter, it’s time we start talking and acting like it.

The Marriage Lies We Love
How can we build happy marriages when we’re constantly repacking the baggage we brought in, the lies we believed and the half-truths we’re still holding on to?

One For The Ladies: Why The World Needs Better Male Leaders
Candid reflections on how men can unlearn the sexism and misogyny so prevalent in workplaces? What are we tolerating and how does this impact those we lead or serve?

Mo’ Money, No Problems
Do you spend your money like you know where you are going? We share early bad advice on money and investments, and unpack our current views on capital.

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