Starting in public relations taught me 2 critical lessons:
1) media clippings are the currency of PR
2) I am NOT the story.

To save myself some intense self-Googling, here’s a compilation of case studies, interviews and mentions from recent programs:
I try to share insights as much as I can. For interview requests contact me via Twitter or LinkedIn.

Twitter Advertising: Four Marketers on How Their Campaigns Fared

Wall Street Journal
A High Tech Edge on Black Friday

Social Fresh
How RadioShack Made Their Twitter Sponsored Trend Go Viral
Top 29 Social Media Career Moves of 2011

Payoff From RadioShack’s #UNeedANewPhone Promotion: 65 Million Twitter Impressions

PC World
The “Like” Economy: Major Retailers Offer Holiday Deals on Social Networks

PR Newswire
3 Basic Perceptions of Content You Should Have For Successful Marketing [Slides]

MIT Technology Review
How Companies Are Using Data From Foursquare

Yahoo Finance
RadioShack and imc2 Earn Prestigious Social Media Award

Case Study: How RadioShack Tweets To Tempt Cycling Fans

USA Today
Retailers Use Social Media to Offer Holiday Deals

The Realtime Report
Location Based Marketing: Right Time, Right Place – Getting Customers to Check in

RadioShack’s Holiday Marketing Focused on “So Right”
Lance Armstrong’s Twitter Powers Aid Radio Shack
RadioShack Looks For Holiday Heroes on Foursquare
RadioShack Says Foursquare Users Spend 3.5X More
Big Brands Use Foursquare for Goodwill Marketing

Information Week
How RadioShack Lures Customers With Foursquare

Multichannel Merchant
How RadioShack Connects With Foursquare Users

Media Bistro
Social Means Business for Consumer Brands

Direct Marketing News
RadioShack Delivers Weekly Circular To Facebook
Mastering The Mix: Integrated Marketing

Internet Retailer
RadioShack Brings Its Weekly ads to Facebook

Retail Online Integration
Social(izing) During the Holidays: A Look at the Role Social Media Plays in Retailer’s Holiday Plans

WCG World: Common Sense
2012 Location-Based Marketing Predictions
Big Brand Weigh In On Social Engagement

Inc Slingers: Simon Salt
RadioShack and Social Location Marketing

Deluxe Small Business
Retailers Lift Sales by Using Geosocial Networks

Street Fight Mag
Case Study: RadioShack Finds Foursquare Customers Spend More

Banyan Branch Blog
Top Twitter Campaigns of 2010

5 Tips For Unlocking The RadioShack & LIVESTRONG badge

Porter Novelli Blog
The Shack Gets Social

Compete Pulse
Three Digital Revelations from the GroupM What’s Next Conference

SXSW 2011 (Chris Yates)
RadioShack Talks Social Media [Video]

Marketing Tips & Insight for Entrepreneurs [Video]

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