Why I’m Going to Uganda as Mosquito Bait

I’m traveling to Uganda today because God told me to.

It was more of an invitation than a command. I didn’t literally hear His voice but in my thoughts, dreams, prayers and desires, this beautiful continent has been a magnetically constant force. I’ve followed the breadcrumbs from Texas to Washington Dulles Airport where I’m waiting for the next step forward. Only 7,000 miles to go.
I’m not going alone. I’m actually a wingman on this mission, accompanying 2 guys whom I admire more than I let on. 

Daryl, the ringleader, is a never-dimming strobe light of ideas, information, and enthusiasm wrapped in this country-bumpkin-turned-renaissance-man exterior. 
Chris, our stoic co-pilot is a pillar of civic steel who possesses an uncanny mixture of politically correct wisdom and non-politically correct wit.   
As for me, I’m the roadie. I think they are bringing me along to carry their bags and as bait to attract African mosquitoes away from their precious plasma. Seriously. 
Sports Outreach Institute (the organization we’re working with) does a pre-trip audit of trade skills, sports experience and other universally useful human abilities to assess how volunteers may contribute during their stay in Uganda. I believe I may be the least qualified to add value since my prowess designing PowerPoint slides and sending cliche-riddled business emails is of little use in the slums of Gulu beyond the reach of wifi. 
But then I remembered God’s track record of using the unqualified. 
I’m hopeful what little I have learned about business can possibly be used to create value for my brothers and sisters in Uganda, a country ripe for restoration after years of unimaginable decimation.
I’m also humbled to think what they will teach me. Transforming me, the unskilled but willing giver, into a recipient of the very love I hope to reflect. 

Whatever the case I know God brought us together for a specific reason and I look forward to a journey that takes us beyond the safe shores of convenience.  

I’m eager to venture into wider seas where the waves and wind create the perfect window to witness His true mastery. And the power of insect repellent.

If you’ve been on a mission/vision trip before I’d love to hear your feedback, advice and suggestions. Leave me a comment or hit me up Twitter or Instagram.
What I’m Reading
Queen of Katwe by Tim Crothers

Who I’m Missing 
Love ’em big as the sky!

Where We’re Going
How I’m Feeling
Caffeinated, eager, anxious… forgot to eat lunch

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