Put A Ring On It: Moving Beyond Social Engagement

Social media has significantly changed business but business is also changing the way we do social media.  How do you measure, monetize and optimize social interactions in a business environment?  Look no further than your marriage.  Everything I’ve learned about social media I got from my wife.  Kinda.

This is a quick share of the presentation slides and a video from the WCG Social Commerce event at SXSW 2013.  I was honored to speak to and learn from some of the most brilliant brands and digital minds around.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

ROI can come from the most important places.  Many thanks to my wife Alisha for being a good sport and awesome partner.

Video created by UPG

Slideshare presentation: Put A Ring On It: Moving Beyond Social Engagement

4 thoughts on “Put A Ring On It: Moving Beyond Social Engagement

  1. Hi Sean…well I smiled all the way thourgh your video blog above! There is something very appealing about you that rushed right to my heart and I felt like my eyes were sparkling. I think its called Inspiration…smiles…I have not had to meet your challenges but mine have been heavy duty where life just never stops dragging survival stories to my doorstep. It might seem strange to some that one might be on a mission to learn how to feel passionately about the mortality themes that move others thourgh their lives but that seems to be where the ether threw me. It has served me well to make me strong, passionate and compassionate towards others.Bless you Sean, I am sure you are one of those ones we can rightly call an Angel holding a presence in life.Love and Peace Bev…

  2. Hi ShannonI’m in Australia and we do QuickBooks here. Just love the program.Been reading this blog [and the previous blog on the issue]. We also point users to the Enterprise edition of QB’s. The user set in that version is very sensitive and best part is it comes with user roles that can be tailored to individual employee.I take the point that employees may be able to see client details. To get a list out any other way than export is a pain. There are other ways I know but…??A couple of years ago I had a client that had lost control of her business to certain staff. We upgraded her to Enterprise and wrestled control back. I was hammered for several weeks by staff members “who need to do” processes that they shouldn’t have been doing. So then they learned to live with their restrictions.There are holes in all systems. China has breached your military enterprise and your guys have tapped into Iran. So what’s new on the security front Love the blog and the news letters.Jeff

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