What I Learned About Love

When we opened the hospital room door we didn’t know what to expect.  Would she be crying? Sleeping? Had they moved her to another room? Was this even the right room?

As my wife and I peeked around the door I was slightly in awe and fully in amazement.  My sister Erica was waltzing around the room whispering to this neatly wrapped collection of tiny blankets cradled in her arms.  As she turned to face the open door we spied the most precious sight – Trinity Dawn Bennett.

Trinity is the newest addition to the family and she made her grand appearance on January 26 – just 18 months after her older sister Taylor.  The room was serene.  Erica wasn’t tethered to any machines, the lights were dim and, except for the ambient sound of the TV, all was still.  Taylor’s dad had to make a house run and my parents left a few minutes before our arrival.  My wife and I were the only party crashers.

After a few minutes my wife volunteered me to hold Trinity.  I think she has ulterior motives but that’s another subject for another day.

Seated in a chair, I carefully fashioned my arms into a man-made baby hammock and she transferred Trinity into my care.  I sighed, relieved she landed safely.

She sucked her thumb with her eyes closed. I held her tight, imagining that somehow my warmth and presence would keep her at peace.  I gradually eased into a more comfortable position (baby hammocks are tough on the arms) and began to hum a song.  After a while I looked down and she had fallen asleep.

As I rocked her little life back and forth I began to think about how God feels when he’s holding me. Am I His baby?

Here I am. Helpless.  Clueless.  Needy.  Intensely unaware of my total dependence yet content in my little world. A sleeping baby.

And there He is.  Strong.  Alert.  Caring.  Intently unashamed to be my total benefactor yet concerned in my daily needs. A loving Father.

Trinity doesn’t know me yet but she will.  I love her like my own.  How grateful I am for a God who does the same.

Thanks for the lesson Trinity.

2 thoughts on “What I Learned About Love

  1. What a beautiful way to remind us of our Heavenly Father’s love for us. Plus, I like the term baby-hammock 😉

  2. Trinity. Wow. Beautiful to see and hear about.

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