Why Blue People Are Better Leaders

Just read an interesting interview with Avatar writer/director/producer James Cameron on leadership, innovation & passion. I’m often intrigued by individuals who achieve monumental success, not necessarily for what they did, but for how they did it. Here are 4 interesting tidbits I took away from the brief article:

1) Adapt
To push teams to greater levels of achievement he had to adapt his leadership style from dictator to a respectful source of empowerment.

2) Create
An environment of fun, authorship and ownership gives people permission to make mistakes but also makes them less likely to do so.

3) Wait
Perseverance and patience pay off. From concept to screen took 15 years for Avatar.

4) Challenge
The biggest risk is not to be bold.



P.S.> Yes, more Avatar is on the way. 2 more films… can’t wait!

Source: Leadership Excellence Winter 2011 courtesy of SMU Cox School of Business