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The Day I Put A Ring On It

Today’s a good day. Not only did I run the Cowtown 5K without stopping (a notable feat for me), but also this marks the 1-year anniversary of the day I asked Alisha to be my wife. Luckily she said yes and we’ve been married for more than 4 months now. Yep, I’m a love doctor.

In celebration, I thought I’d post our proposal video. WARNING: It’s been known to make grown men cry. Keep the Kleenex handy. If you’re pressed for time just fast fwd to the last 5 minutes for the actual proposal.

The kids did all the real work.

February 26, 2010 was the longest day of my life! I cooked up this grand scheme to propose in style and by the time the day came I was barely able to walk straight. Granted, I knew she would say yes. But I was so afraid of something going wrong or ruining this surprise I had been planning for weeks. To add to the pressure, I was depending on several of her co-workers and friends to help me pull it of so I really had little control of the outcome.

It turned out perfect.

She says she’s a lucky woman but the truth is… I’m a blessed man. She’s not just a better half, she’s a better whole. Imagine a gift you don’t deserve, a bonus you didn’t earn and a lifetime supply of joy all wrapped up in a bundle of awesome. Pretty sappy but also very true.

Love ya hon!



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Fear – The Primary Source of Creativity

The things we fear most in organizations — fluctuations, disturbances, imbalances — are the primary sources of creativity.”

Margaret Wheatley

I “discovered” Margaret Wheatley last year while in L.A. for a biz conference. You should discover her too. She’s kind of a big deal.



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Will 50,000 People Like Oreo Cookies Today?

Probably so. The beloved calorie king is taking a run at the Guinness World Record for most “Likes” to a Facebook post in 24 hours. The Social Media guy in me wishes I had thunk it. My prediction: a World Record race will ensue as other lovable consumer brands draft off the idea. Old Spice? Red Bull?

As of 12:30 p.m. EST they had amassed over 43,000 “Likes.” Have you “Liked” Oreo today? Will you?


Thx to @applegirl for the heads-up.



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How Much Are Your Words Worth?

The influence of your leadership is measured by the value of your voice. How much are your words worth?

Three and a half minutes of value from John Maxwell.

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10 Ways Social Media Can Get You Laid Off

Found this blog post on Thoughtpick by Beirut titled,  Fun-List: Top 10 Ways in Which Social Media Can Get You Fired!

Speaking as someone who wrote and implemented a corporate Social Media Policy, I can confirm that your online conversations are easier to track, capture and report than most realize. A great rule of thumb: When in doubt, don’t!

Shout out to Beirut for a great piece. Click here to check it out!


Leave a comment. Do you know of anyone who had a social media meltdown and lost their gig? Did you?

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Why Blue People Are Better Leaders

Just read an interesting interview with Avatar writer/director/producer James Cameron on leadership, innovation & passion. I’m often intrigued by individuals who achieve monumental success, not necessarily for what they did, but for how they did it. Here are 4 interesting tidbits I took away from the brief article:

1) Adapt
To push teams to greater levels of achievement he had to adapt his leadership style from dictator to a respectful source of empowerment.

2) Create
An environment of fun, authorship and ownership gives people permission to make mistakes but also makes them less likely to do so.

3) Wait
Perseverance and patience pay off. From concept to screen took 15 years for Avatar.

4) Challenge
The biggest risk is not to be bold.



P.S.> Yes, more Avatar is on the way. 2 more films… can’t wait!

Source: Leadership Excellence Winter 2011 courtesy of SMU Cox School of Business

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