35+ Examples of Corporate Social Media in Action

Great article by Aaron Uhrmacher

We’ve discussed some tactics to get your company better engaged with social media. Lest you think there’s a limit to how you can connect with business and customer facing audiences, we’ve assembled this list of more than 35 companies who are experimenting with social media in a host of different ways.

this list is by no means exhaustive, and it represents a wide variety of businesses, industries and social media tools. As you can see, engagement takes many forms. Some are likely to generate more discussions with the company while others might result better connections between customers. Some will fade away over the next 6-12 months while others will continue to grow and evolve.

There are no rules to what form your engagement has to take. Look at your company, identify its strengths, what types of conversations energize employees and determine how you can best grow/shape/build/join your own community.

CLICK TO VIEW: http://mashable.com/2008/07/23/corporate-social-media/

If you have other examples of corporate social media engagement, please share them in the comments.

2 thoughts on “35+ Examples of Corporate Social Media in Action

  1. Very interesting article, my background is in recruiting and social media (in the sense of interactive networking) has certainly changed that landscape.

    One aspect that applies is companies actively engaging both their peers (other firms) and own employee’s in dialog on topics of interest. Primarily through blogs affiliated with professional organizations but also via focus groups in LinkedIn and other “social” groups.

    In many instances senior management takes both a stand on an issue and the overall sense of how the industry is leaning on a given subject. It gives them a chance to float “the company line” and gather response in a more informal way…

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